As an energy source experiencing life here as a human, we are infinitely abundant and innately deserving.

All too often however we slip back into the ‘humanness’ and the story of the physical and this, while important, restricts not only our belief in the unseen but our ability to have strong abundant flow into our life.
When you focus simply on the physical aspects of wealth, love, joy, happiness and life, the essence of you and of Universal energy can be cut off or restricted.
Similarly, if you focus simply on the spiritual aspects of yourself and forget the physical, there are limitations that see you feeling the struggle of life.
Maybe this has been you?
A) Taking lots of active action towards your goals yet not having them appear in reality?
B) Practising your Spiritual aspects regularly and becoming a student of energy yet your reality in the physical does not reflect the love and peace inside.
It can be frustrating but when these aspects come together, you are so much closer to achieving and attracting the abundant reality you desire!
There is a missing element here though that you may not either know about or practice.
It’s important to learn and understand all the elements that are bundled into the package called ‘you’ and bring them all together to create a rich, abundant life in all ways.
Your Light will shine more brightly, abundance will flow to you more freely and often, and you will have a sense of well being and inner peace that people will notice!
There are 3 areas in which the flow of energy will bring about more abundance into your everyday life as well as your future reality. It is more of a holistic way to live.

1. Spiritual

The spiritual part of you is your essence. It’s the greater part of you. You are not a spirit within a body. You are a body in a spirit.
The spiritual aspect of you and has a lot to do with your trust and flow in the divine.
Connection with this part of yourself brings peace, trust, a feeling of ‘home’ or ‘Heaven on Earth’ and brings you into total alignment with all of your energetic magnificence.
Mindfulness, meditation and spiritual practices will bring the greater connection to this big part of you, your essence, your Being.

2. Physical

The physical aspects of you hold many clues as to where you may be restricting energy flow not only to your own body but your abundant flow.
This aspect of your abundance identity includes how you think, what you say, what action you take and so forth.
It’s the human element and how you choose to show up in the ‘personality’ you have grown and evolved over your lifetime.
There is also the energetic Chakra System of the physical body which is your message board of where you can release blocks and increase flow and if you tune in you will clearly see where the problem areas are.
A ‘positive attitude’ while key, is unsustainable if the other 2 aspects are not in alignment.

3. Earth

The third aspect and building block to greater abundance is your environment. It is your Earth experience, your outer experience.
Who and what you have around you is a vital clue to where you are right now.
Energy flow in the environment is just as important as the Spiritual aspect of you and the positivity and action orientated aspect of the physical. The Feng Shui principles of energy come into play here as direction, placement and flow are important aspects of what your current reality looks and how it is evolving.
Even the colour of a room or the picture you have hanging in the bedroom could be creating either what you do want or what you don’t.
When you have all three of these areas in action and alignment, miracles and magic become normal.
When you are not blocking the flow of your infinite abundance with these aspects being out of balance, life takes on a whole new curiosity and wonder.
Where are you out of balance in your life? IN other words, where is abundance NOT flowing for you?
What is one step you can take right now to rectify and change this?
I want you to have the infinite abundant life you were here to experience. Head over to my website to claim your free mini book and begin to change this Abundance Identity to create the reality you desire, within and without.
TRISH ROCK / Your Abundance Identity Coach & Mentor | Producer & Host of TrishRockTV
Trish Rock
Trish has transformed her life, and those of her clients, through the techniques she teaches in The Abundance Identity program where she assists in connection with the multidimensional version of you and bringing that to life here, now.
Trish is a passionate Psychic, Channel, TV Show host, Holistic Counsellor, Speaker & Best Selling Author, helping people with their Abundance and freedom from Self Sabotage. She transforms lives.
She has a natural ability to channel solutions and assists her clients in feeling Freedom from the struggle in finances, relationship, career and health.
Trish is a Holistic Health and WellBeing practitioner, Meditation channel and holds a Post Grad in Mind-Body Medicine.
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