6 things to transform your business and personal life

1. Do the internal work on yourself.

I can’t tell you how important this is. My personal and business life transformed when I started working on myself. What do I mean by internal work? I mean you have to work on your beliefs, you have to clear the unconscious blocks that hold you back and make choices about how you’re going to live from this moment on.

Doing the internal work is the secret weapon to success and I love that I’ve been called the Secret Weapon by Genine Howard, CEO of Profile Magazine. It’s an ongoing, daily pursuit but the benefits are worth it. Watch our interview here

2. Learn basic money techniques.

I have always been good with money and by the time I was 23, my husband and I had paid off our first mortgage and we haven’t had a mortgage for our last three homes. It’s such an amazing feeling doing this and knowing you don’t owe the bank any money. Having debt drains your energy and everything now days is made very easy for us to go into debt. I believe unless it’s a house or car, if you can’t buy the item cash you can’t have it.

I’ve had to go without a lot of things because of this and when I was younger my friends would have the latest TV, cars, holidays but they were paying for these things for years afterwards. In fact they were still paying for it when they were thinking of the next TV or latest gadget they wanted and by getting the item on credit it usually cost them much more over the long term.

There is nothing more satisfying than buying an item with cash and I always get a good discount because I can do this. When I bought my Audi convertible with cash the sales guy nearly fell off his chair. I really enjoyed seeing his reaction.

3. Get a great coach.

I’ve had a few coaches and some of them are fantastic and some are not. Find one who is going to tell you the truth. It’s no good having someone who agrees with you or doesn’t get you out of your comfort zone. I am continuously moving outside my comfort zone and this is due to the great coaches I have that support me to do this.

4. Believe in yourself.

You are unique and what you have to offer can only come from you in your own unique way. No one else can do it like you so TRUST in yourself and give it a go. It would be such a shame to give up or die and your unique way of doing something hadn’t been shown to the world.

5. Don’t be afraid to fail.

The Japanese proverb says fall down 7 get up 8. Its okay to fail, it’s how we learn to grow. If everything was easy for us then we will never improve our self. Don’t spend time thinking about what can go wrong. It is wasted energy. Just get out there and do it before too much time passes and someone else goes with your idea.

Belief comes from within and courage comes before confidence. Don’t wait to be confident in something before you share it with others as this can lead to procrastination and never feeling good enough. Just give it a go and it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, the fact is you backed yourself.

6. Have a monetary goal that is realistic.

If someone said to me a few years ago that I’d earn $12,000 in a week in my business I would have laughed at them. At the time I was probably earning $2000. Over the years I’ve increased my income goal slightly when it felt right to do so and that is how I’ve grown my business to over six figures.

Grow your prices slowly, build your confidence, get results for your clients and then increase your prices.

It’s time to discover how to breakthrough your blocks so you can transform your personal and business life. Book a free 30 min consultation, here, to speak with me in private about how to do this.

Ann Noler Harris