Big, beautiful eyebrows are IN! The ‘au natural’ look is one of this year’s hottest beauty trends, and we’re seeing women all across the world taking a more down-to-earth, back-to-basics approach to creating their everyday look.

There’s even been a whole host of new startups being launched which base their entire business model on natural beauty, like Australia’s very own La Clinique which offers 100 per cent natural endermologie treatments for cellulite. Natural is in. It’s time to let those beautiful hairs blossom!
The Fine Line
Big eyebrows are a big yes… but it’s easier than you may think to get a little carried away! There’s a very fine line between a gorgeous, full brow and the Groucho Marx look, and learning how to successfully walk this line is key to avoiding ridiculous eyebrows and ensuring that your daily look is always on point.
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Here are 7 useful tips for avoiding the ridiculous eyebrow look and showing off some killer brows:

1. Acknowledge Your Own Ability

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The first and most important tip of all is not to go plucking, waxing, cutting, or shaping if you’re not 100 per cent sure what you’re doing! Sure, eyebrows grow back, but if you dive in head first without ever having touched your brows, then you may not get the result you’re after. If you have any doubt at all, it’s always best to ask an expert. Book an eyebrow treatment and use this as an opportunity to learn about what sort of brows suit your face and your style, and ask questions so you can try recreating the look at home.

2. Know What You’re Working With

Did you know that it’s entirely possible to have thin eyebrows AND thick eyebrows at the same time? Some people might have a nice full brow with thin, tufty parts in the inner corners, while others may have dense brows which become more sparse towards the ends. Don’t try and use the same techniques right the way across the arch (pencilling in an already dense part of the brow will look like a caterpillar has taken up residency on your face!). Treat each section differently depending on its natural thickness.

3. Determine Your Face Shape

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One of the most ridiculous looks is the ‘angry eyebrow’; that upside down ‘V’ on the wrong person. Now make no mistake, that very high, very sharp arch CAN work excellently… on the right face shape. Round faces suit this shape perfectly as the high arch helps to add length to the face making it appear more elongated and slim. For those with more oval face shape, however, it can look silly. Oval faces suit a softer, flatter arch which helps to bring proportion to the face. It’s time to get to know your own face!

4. Use Your Own Built-In Ruler

Too close together and you’re going to end up with a bit of a monobrow thing going on… but too far apart and it will look as though your eyebrows are trying to run away from each other! The trick to finding the happy middle ground is to use your own built-in ruler: your nostrils! Use an eyeliner pencil to draw a faint line up from each nostril to your forehead; the lines will form the inner boundary for your brows. You can either fill them in to meet this line or pluck them if they naturally grow close together.

5. Keep It Neat

While natural brows are in, the unkempt, just rolled out of bed look is not! Even natural brows need to be maintained, and plucking is probably the quickest and easiest way to retain your shape in between salon visits. A great tip to avoid over plucking and keep your preferred shape is to grab a mascara wand from the tube and gently wipe it along the short, fine hairs beneath and above your brow so that you can see them easily. This makes it simple to see what needs to be plucked and stops you going overboard.

6. Be Prepared for Plucking Problems

Being prepared for any eventuality is one of the most important things you can do to avoid the ridiculous eyebrow look. With the mascara trick, it’s very difficult to over pluck, but it can and does happen. Don’t panic. If you normally use a powder or pencil to fill in your brows, pop out and buy a creamy formula that’s super easy to blend into those sparse areas, and at night rub your brows with oil (castor oil works very well) to coat and protect the hairs, reducing breakage so that they grow back in record time.

7. Know Your Colour

Black brows? Think again! Even on black skin, black brows are just way too heavy and can end up looking like they’ve been painted on with a heavy hand. Believe it or not, even those with very dark skin and black hair only need a rich brown (for warm tones) or a cool brown (for cool tones). Blondes can even get away with a taupe colour rather than a light brown. As a rule of thumb, always go with a colour one step lighter than what you think you need. It will soften the face and give a more natural appearance.
Don’t Sweat It
Remember that great eyebrows are an art, not a science! There’s no right or wrong way to do your eyebrows, and you may find that a thicker or thinner brow, or a closer together or further apart brow, works best for your face shape. The secret is to play around a bit and find what works for you and, most importantly, find what DOESN’T work for you! That’s one of the best ways to avoid looking ridiculous.
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