Judy Copley was destined for couture. Her glamorous feminine designs have developed from a hobby into an international name and, for the first time, she’s launching her new Lake Como collection in the Big Apple. My first glimpse of Judy Copley was in her Caloundra studio, intently leaning over a mannequin, ever so delicately stitching beading onto red lace; lace that will evolve into the ‘it’ gown on any runway or red carpet event. A further glance around the studio and there’s pure laces, soft tulle, satins and beaded fabric adorned effortlessly on mannequins standing around the room or hanging, capturing the light. Sitting down with Judy was nothing short of a delight. Her calm nature with the underline of passion for design was evident as soon as she spoke of her ‘works of art’. [caption id="attachment_18655" align="aligncenter" width="348"]Judy Copley Photo by Karen Buckle[/caption] “Sometimes I leave them (gowns) for a month and then come back and add to it… it’s definitely art,” says Judy. “I just start with an idea and it just keeps evolving, I am not bound to any one idea.” Judy Copley Couture, based on the Sunshine Coast, is today known for its one-off gowns made upon request and sent world-wide, but achieving that success wasn’t an easy feat. Judy has slowly climbed the fashion ladder from her humble beginnings. Talented from an early age, eight year old Judy crafted her first dress out of crepe paper. She was born in Adelaide, but soon moved  to the Northern Territory where her childhood and skill flourished, before it truly excelled with the family’s move to Melbourne. “Mum was very glamorous, so I was always around her, putting on ball gowns to go to balls. I just loved fashion and textiles and that just became something that I knew I had to do,” she says.   For the full story pick up a copy of the latest Profile Magazine today]]>