Looking at the world today, you might think it is in chaos. ⁠

However, trust that ‘chaos’ always has order to it – there is an end greater purpose.⁠

I know for me that all my biggest breakthroughs have happened after the times when it all seemed ‘too hard’ or I was about to give it all up.⁠

I remember a time I was so paralysed by fear in my business that I decided to give up my coaching business and go work for someone else. It just sounded so much easier than worrying about making the mortgage payments every month from my business.⁠

I don’t think I lasted three weeks.⁠

What that experience taught me – quickly – is that all I had to do with step into TRUSTING myself that I would make the money. And so I did. Month after month, year after year. And lots of it ;)⁠

My coaching clients now know why my saying “the breakdown happens before the breakthrough” is so important and therefore they welcome the tears and the triggers!⁠

So if you are going through a time of fear in your business, allow the feelings – in fact WELCOME them and know your greatest breakthrough is about to happen.⁠