My soul has been craving more femininity in my world – as a coach for feminine leaders I teach this every day, yet sometimes what we teach we need for ourselves.

And so, to fill up my creative cup, I have joined the divine Kerrie Hess Illustration‘s art classes online!

We featured Kerrie on the cover of Profile Magazine last year and ever since I have desired to learn from her. And here we are!

As a young girl I loved to draw and paint, however in the midst of striving for success I forgot my passion for it. I gave away my easel, paints and brushes and replaced them with to-do lists and ‘shoulds’.

Well, if CV has done anything, it has reminded me that nothing is more important than to FEEL joy and love.

And what better way than with creative expression.

Those who know me know I’ve already had a million ideas of what to do with my creations and how to make it a business 😂 however I am committed to just letting it be what it is.

Creativity for creativity sake.

Something for me.

Something that unlocks that feminine flow.

The reason for my post is this: remind yourself of what brings YOU joy.

Remind yourself of what lights you up.

Reminder yourself of what you loved as a kid.

And go do more of that.

Just because.

If you need an excuse, well our beloved Melbournians in 6-week lock down may like to join the class too! If you do, let me know and I’ll send you the link.

If not, just pick up a brush.
Grab a pencil and paper.
Go sing.
Play music.
Roll down a grassy hill or jump in muddy puddles.

Just BE. And know that is enough.

Genine x