Cuba is among the most favourite travel destinations of 2019 with most hot deals on tours, and flights highlight that there is never a good time to travel than now. Have you been dreaming about travelling to the land of retro Chevys’, rum, salsa, and cigar but never got around to it? Discover how rewarding and easy a trip to Cuba can be. Here in this article is all about Cuba: what Australians need to know where they should go. In short, a complete comprehensive guide to planning an excellent trip to one of the most exciting and enticing destinations in Latin America.

1.    How to Apply For Visa

Many types of Cuban visas are available to Australians and for many other foreigners, so make sure you are applying for the one that is most applicable to you. Most Australians enter Cuba on a thirty-day visa which can be extended for the further thirty days. Remember one thing your passport must have its validity at least for six months to re-enter into Australia. Today different visa companies are providing Cuba VISA for Australia online.

2.    Learn About Its Import Laws

In case you are planning to travel to Cuba with the bags of smoked ham in your luggage, think again, lest you lose it to Cuba customs. Import laws in Cuba are just like Australia’s, so if you are an average tourist with average luggage, you’ll be fine. To check the full list of legal things to take with you, contact the Cuban Embassy.

3.    Accommodation

If you have already reserved a hotel or an apartment, you’ll certainly have no problems to face. There are a few hotels in Cuba with all the facilities, so if you are planning to find your accommodation after landing is not the right decision. For instance, very few hotels have internet access, and we Australians may survive without food but not internet service.

4.    Two Currencies

Cuba has two currencies, which can be confusing for most visitors. Both currencies are called pesos, but the value of both is different. One is a convertible pesos, and the other is Cuban pesos. Of course these both currencies look very similar to the foreigner’s eye. Convertible pesos notes have monuments images on them, while Cuban pesos have photos of people.

5.    What to Pack

You can pack everything. Well, everything means you might need during your stay in Cuba. When I travelled to this place, I took my toothpaste, shampoo, tampons, deodorant, and soap. Also, bring your pain killers and Imodium. Bring snacks too.

6.    Tipping in Cuba

You are expected to tip for everything. Restaurant service (10%), street performers, restaurant musicians (10%), taxis (10%), tour guides (2CUCs per day), and toilets (0.25 CUC paid to the attendant).

While roaming the street, you will find characters dressed up in the costume you need to tip them 1 CUC if you like.

7.    How safe is Cuba?

Before visiting this place, I was warned of the high theft rate of Cuba, including your suitcases while you are away from your room.  So I suggest you don’t take your valuable things with you. Also, lock your bags every time you leave your room.