If you want to create optimal health you’ll more than likely have to do a few things differently in how you live life. These will not only enhance your image they will help you live your best life. There are some main areas to help boost optimal living and if you do them you’ll unpack a healthier, more vibrant appearance and enjoy the benefits of a wholesome balanced image.

Create environments that promote a happy heart and pay specific attention to your work space and home life. We spend the majority of our lives around these two areas and if they lack joy they can play havoc on our overall health and well being. Keep them clean and toxic free with a lot of natural light, clear of clutter and be sure to include special things or pics of people, animals, places etc) to keep your joy component thriving.

Another area is sleep as it gives our bodies time to detox and restore, rejuvenate and heal. Create a healthy sleep environment and get 7/8 hours of non negotiable sleep each night. Make sure your bedroom is a quiet, relaxing space filled with books, quiet activities and calming oils such as lavender. Then wake to lemon and hot water to get your metabolism firing and clear out some of the waste. These are vital ingredients when considering a health overhaul.

Be sure to go outside daily, whether it’s going for a walk, a phone call, sitting at a park, walking to work, exercising your dog, include it in your life and you’ll feel so much better. Studies have proven that being outside for at least thirty minutes day helps our physical and mental health.  Proving some rays of healthy sunshine is good for us.

Laughter helps us on a cellular level and is beneficial and essential for radiant health. Play and have some fun, life is meant to be enjoyed not endured. Watch a comedy (I still watch Friends), a funny movie, get together with friends, whatever works for you but make sure you include laughing into your health regime. 

Your food and water intake will reflect on your image. Take an inventory of what you’re putting in your mouth and what you’re drinking. Most of us can improve here. I always suggest fruit and vegetables and a little protein. Lots of water (at least a liter a day and snack on real food too. It’s not complicated but requires self discipline. 

We need to move our bodies to make sure they continue to work optimally.  Move everyday in some way, take the stairs, walk, join a gym, get a mini trampoline, go to the beach, find a class (Yoga/Pilates) you enjoy, there are so many choices yet we don’t move as much as we should. At least 30/40 mins a day is best. Don’t allow yourself excuses, put exercise in your daily priority list of things to do.  

Include some form of meditation, prayer, journaling; these are all crucial for our well being. We need daily activities to distress and unwind in our fast paced, overloaded communicative and distraction filled world. Find things that help you find your inner peace. It is imperative you do. I pray, read, journal, take baths and walk my dog for amongst others to maintain my mental health. 

And finally in my list for optimal healthy living we need some real friends in our life. Share your life with others as we are meant to flourish together not be alone and disconnected. Reach out and include real (not only on devices) connection time with people.

I hope this inspires you to want to overhaul your image and live your best life. 2020 is the perfect time to start a new decade with a new you.

Kerrie x

“Be all you were intended to be”