Do you believe in the power of your dreams? Do you know what they are? Even if you don’t, that’s okay!

There is greatness inside all of us. I truly believe that and as fearless feminine leaders, we inspire the greatness in others through encouragement, faith, determination and fortitude.
So let me ask you this:
Are you feeling uninspired?
What thoughts are you filling your head with?
Are you allowing your day-to-day moments to be filled with drama or negativity?
Are you allowing people that don’t pay your bills dictate how you feel?
I think it’s really powerful and totally worth it to take a good hard look at how we spend our precious time. To know what and who we surround ourselves with and what we are absorbing from that whether it’s positive or negative matters.
My team of daydream believers in my company overcome adversity and encourage and inspire each other to never give up on the life they are trying to create. That’s inspiring.
When there are so many outside influences saying, “You’re crazy, you can’t do that, you’ll never succeed,” they keep moving forward.
They are tenacious and resilient. They have made the decision to come on this journey with me, to empower and inspire others to start living their best lives. With a little more love and a lot less hate, we can all inspire the greatness that is inside of each of us.
Whatever your dreams, goals and aspirations are – big or small, little or large, let’s choose to shine together to truly be the best versions of ourselves, not just today but every day!
Here are my 10 qualities and attributes of a fearless feminine leader;

  1. Empowerment – Having the confidence to make decisions and backing those actions and decisions 100%.
  2. Engagement – Inspiring others with a shared vision and actively working to unleash the passion and talent of others.
  3. Influence – Motivating others by becoming a positive influence sparking greater engagement.
  4. Innovation – Believing that mistakes are lessons and that there is no such thing as perfection, just progress.
  5. Communication – Competing with no one. Helping others find their own inner voice. Promoting an environment where one feels comfortable speaking with conviction with no judgement.
  6. Problem-solving – Lessons learned, working without fear. Challenging the status quo and constantly seeking new solutions.
  7. Transparency – Building trust and strong relationships through honesty and integrity.
  8. Adaptability – Exuding confidence and authority whilst using strong interpersonal skills, believing in herself and others.
  9. Empathy – Active listening and compassion.
  10. Continuous learning – Self-development, sharpening skills, being a student of life to share and inspire others.

kerrie gray
After transitioning from a 12-year military career – 10 of those posted to seagoing vessels, Kerrie Gray has certainly learned a thing or two about leadership, resilience and female empowerment.
It is her true passion and her mission to inspire others on how they too can become the fearless feminine leaders they were destined to become.
With a magnetic personality and an abundance of life experiences, Kerrie offers a unique way of helping women become the very best versions of themselves. With her team of daydream believers amidst a lifestyle business meets premium skincare, Kerrie can help you on your journey to living your best life through support, empowerment and self-love.
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