We all have an abundance effect, ‘way’, persona, pattern, belief or perception. In fact, we have a stance or belief about everything in our reality. This is why what shows up, does (or doesn’t!).




This is the effect of the cause.

What is Karma?
Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect.

The law of cause and effect is a universal law which specifically states that every single action in the universe produces a reaction no matter what. Every single effect within our world, upon our earth, has a cause, an original starting point.
Everything in our reality can shift with a change in the cause, in the starting point. Whether this is something simple like changing a thought, a belief or a perception, or whether it is changing an action or movement. It can also be more deep and complicated with the starting point being an inherited belief or habit, a societal perception that runs deep or a generational or lifetime pattern or belief.

Abundance is one of the changes most people want to see in their lives. More joy, more money, more fun, more enriched relationships, more freedom. More vibrance.

The trouble is, we start on the external (the effect) and not the internal (the cause) and by staying on this hamster wheel, nothing changes.

So how DO we make the change we want to see for ourselves and our reality?
We MUST begin at the cause.

3 Steps To Begin The Change In Your Abundance Karma

1. Identify the Effect
The truth of the cause is in the effect. Before you can change anything you have to know the effect or the result you desire. You must also know the result or current effect that is not serving you.

For example, if you want to change your financial struggle and lack into abundance and richness, you must identify the thoughts, actions, beliefs, patterns etc behind the external effect of the lack.

If you have no energy or vitality and want to change your health, you must look at what is creating the dull energy, what you feed your body and mind and what environmental elements are also bringing about the effect of the dullness.

If you keep choosing relationships that are far from joyful and abundant, you need to examine the thoughts you have about yourself and the old stories and perceptions you have taken on from others.

Blaming the external or keeping your focus on the external to change the external, is going to keep the same effect in play.

So, 1st step- Identify and gain clarity on the effect you want, and the effect you no longer desire.

2. Change The Cause
The CAUSE is then the next focus.

What needs to change from the starting point to bring about a new effect?

To change a financial struggle or lack mindset the causes, once identified, will change the external. This could be a number of things including gaining knowledge of money, how to grow it, how to receive more, how to feel more worthy to have wealth, shifting the old perceptions and beliefs that you are not good enough, being ok with having a more wealthy life even though your friends and family may not, and so many other things that could be at the cause of the struggle. (Its never about the money btw ;))

Same goes for health, relationships or any other external situation you want to see and feel the change in.

2nd step – You must go to the starting point, the cause.
Going directly to the external to create change will not shift it.

3. Be The New Abundance Identity First
Putting this all together and keeping the shift in play while it becomes a new ‘way’ is often a tricky part of the whole process too!

When you can identify the cause, you will also identify the effect that the NEW cause will have. This is the exciting new vision that will help keep you on track!

But on a daily basis, there are some things you can do to help with the shift.
New normals are a must.

Those normal things you are currently doing or being on a daily basis will change when you change the cause for long enough. In the meantime, you can create new normals that will reflect the new you!

For example, rather than feeling or thinking struggle or lack in your finances, make gratitude a new normal and focus on what you have, not what you don’t. Begin to LIVE in abundance!

Make new choices when it comes to your health and vitality. Begin to LIVE like that energetic vital persona!
3rd step – Become MORE of the identity of the new abundant you!

You can change the Karma of your current abundance experience. What you have given out, expressed, expected, done, thought, learned, felt are all creating the current reality but it SI possible to create a new one.

Focus more on the cause.

Don’t stay in the blame of the external.

Identify who you are now and who you wish to be.
Live that Abundance Identity right now.


Trish Rock
Manifest For Life

Your Abundance Identity Coach & Mentor | Producer & Host of TrishRockTV

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