Omg, I can hardly contain myself as we are planning some spectacular events as restrictions start easing!

As you know I love a good in-person workshop/ retreat/ soirée and I know my clients do too.

My team and I have scouted out some incredible locations for our next live events where we will be deep diving on all things high frequency, abundance, divine and desires 🙌💓🙏

This year you will see more of the real me – the me who charges her crystals on a full moon, the me who loves a good chat about quantum reality, who guides my clients through meditations to activate their feminine abundance codes … and the me who loves nothing more than putting on her gumboots and cleaning out the chicken coop 🐓🐓🐓🐓

And the best way I know how to deeply connect is through live events so it’s been a dream of mine to create more gatherings of deep connection AI (After ISO).

Stay tuned for details!
Note: 🐓🐓 may or may not be present 😉