Genine Howard

Genine Howard is best known as a business coach who has created, bought and sold numerous high-end magazine titles in both print and digital including Profile Magazine.

With a swag of accolades, Genine is also an author, public speaker, lifestyle strategist and is dedicated to helping other female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives teaching them how to build impactful high-end business empires.

Serena Sandstrom

Serena works with our clients to strategise their offers, create marketing and systems to get their offers in front of ideal clients and master their sales processes to grow their revenue. 

In 2012 she decided to leave her senior corporate career to pursue her passion in coaching; first as a transformational coach and then finding her zone of genius as a business and marketing mentor.

Paris Ramsay

Paris is our youngest team member and is completing a Certificate III in Business with Profile Magazine as part of her year 12 studies. 

Paris splits her time between grade 12, speaking engagements, dance class or working on her businesses, she loves to read, bake, spend time with her family, travel to new places and has a passion for contribution.

Calli Burnett

Calli Burnett has been a professional photographer since 2005. In unison with her photography business, Calli co-created the well-known Sunshine Coast Brides magazine.

Her skills have been developed from her years of photography, editing skills, and an acute understanding of processes and education of media and imagery. Calli has also managed workshops and educational seminars for aspiring creatives.