Crystals have been used for thousands of years all over the world, as they are known to have healing powers.

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes and usually you will be drawn to the crystal that you need in your life at that particular time. 

When choosing a crystal it is important to listen to your instincts to see if it is the right crystal for you. Don’t just buy it because it looks nice. Crystals vibrate with a certain energy just like us so it helps to buy one that vibrates with you.

When you hold a crystal you may feel:

Heat from it or cold, electric charge, tingling in your fingers, pulsing, you might just know it’s the right one for you, rush of excitement, a strong feeling of love or laughter, shivers, a sound or smell.

When buying a new crystal, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and then see how the crystal feels for you and ask yourself do you get any of those feelings?

Crystals and us change over time so if you ever feel like you want to give a crystal away do so, as it is no longer needed in your life and someone else can enjoy it. Let it go with love and a new crystal will come into your life.

I used to use a crystal pendulum when giving healings and one day I had it on my lap and as I got up it smashed on the floor. I was upset at the time but now I have one that I love using so it was for the best.

Crystals can be quite delicate so always treat them with care. Tumbled stones are the best ones to keep in your pocket or sometimes you can put them in your bra but remember when you take it off as they crash to the floor.

Cleansing your crystals

Crystals take on all sorts of energies positive and negative so it is good to cleanse them. I don’t mean just giving them a dusting, its about reenergising them. Its important to do this when you receive a new one as you do not know who has owned it or touched it previously.

Never use detergent or soap on crystals as it ruins them. You can use water on some crystals, so you can hold them under a running tap or put them in a net bag and take them to the sea. Tumbled stones are fine to cleanse this way but its best to check with other crystals before getting them wet. 
Don’t dry the crystal with a towel, let it dry on its own.

You can also place crystals in the soil for 24 hours to cleanse. The soil must not be acidic.

The way I love is using the Moon and Sun. When it’s a full moon my children and I take all our crystals into the garden and lay them on the grass or a cloth and leave them out for the night as long it is not going to rain and the moon can be seen. Then we leave them out the following day in the sunlight to re energise them some more. It is best not to leave them in full sun as this can make them fade.

Another way is to light a candle or incense to let the smoke from these go around the crystal. Hold the crystal in your hand and move it through the smoke.

Once the crystal is cleansed you can then ask the crystal to be used for the highest good of all concerned and program it to be used for either healing, meditation, contacting spirits, peace of mind or whatever you would like it to help you with.


Ann Noler Harris is an International “Body Whisperer” and specialises in helping women entrepreneurs and coaches to remove the blocks that cause pain, stress and blocks in their success. She supports them to bring balance into all areas of their life.
As a Reiki Master, Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner, Medical Intuitive and Certified Coach, Ann has mastered the ability to help you to get to the root cause, so you’re no longer held back in life.
Working with hundreds of women Ann has realised that unconscious blocks can stop you from living the life you deserve.