Author: Mark Henry

Boho fashion began in the ‘70s. However, the trend is far known for its origin back in the 20th century when men and women started wearing loose clothes with earth shades blending with nature. The culture was mixed with the gypsies and folks who travel throughout Europe with their nomadic road lifestyle. They wore eccentric types of clothing and Bohemian jewellery fitted with their way of living.

Stories told they were a fraction of the society who does not abide by the mainstream and typically referred to as the gypsies—the first fashion bloggers who dressed unique and self- made.

Later on, the mass introduces the Bohemian style as an alternate type in fashion. It lasts for over 200 years up today and seen worn mostly by artists, writers, and eccentric personalities at a time. Janis Joplin and Virginia Wolf greatly influenced the style in the music and the writing industry.

If you are the person who appreciates the colors of different earth stones of Bohemian jewellery and would like wearing up clothes like the hippies of the ’60s, then this article is for you.

What Does Bohemian Fashion Represent?

The current Bohemian fashion can be represented by any individual who has a zest for wearing soft tainted colors and has a smooth spot for nature.

This fashion is for the ones who love spontaneous adventure more than the planned ones—a free-spirited soul that drives gypsies on the quest for a nomadic lifestyle.

Bohemian fashion represents a lifestyle different from the norms. You dress what you love; it can mean scandalous trends (mini skirt, chains, glimmering patterns, and so forth). Bohemian lifestyle is for those who choose their own rules and life.

The ‘70s is the decade that emphasized women who were breaking free and making their path as a working woman, lover, mother, intellects, and professionals.

The Elements of a Bohemian Look

If you find yourself staring in front of your closet full of different styles of clothing and seemingly nothing to wear, consider adding some Bohemian side. Here are some of the essential things you can add that fits with everything.

  • Natural Elements

The knitted fabric of cotton, linen, velvet, silk, and fur is the best material for a boho look over the synthetic ones. Wooden and glass beads with a combination of toppers such as leathers and canvas is an excellent way to try Bohemian fashion.

  • Choosing Colors

You can usually see clothes as well as accessories on natural colours such as brown, light/dark green, opal white, orange, and earth red. Also, adding flower embroidery on bags with this type of fashion gives a classy look. A flower has the tone of nature, from its green and brownish coloured stem, and the rich colour of red petal fits well with wooden bead and Bohemian jewellery.

  • Long dresses

For the ladies, long maxi skirts, kimonos, and sarongs are perfect for this style. Comfortable enough to cool you off the heat on the road with the nomadic way of living. Shawl ties as bandanas or bag ties are usually handy for you in this setup. Best to have one since you can make useful things out of these cloth shawls.

  • Loose, Flowing Style

A layered necklace is the best match with a not so tight or baggy cardigan over your tops.

Best style for summer since loose clothing is refreshing with the wind and very offhand and appealing in style. Sometimes, a Bohemian fashion blends well with the flowing style clothes and ripped or rugged denim.

Boho fashion is a style that fits no criteria. You can always mix and match flowing tops and bottoms and see which look is best for your desires. You can still incorporate different boho elements and Bohemian jewellery in your modern wardrobe and look like a boho-chic. Dress up, and remember that boho style has been around for some time and remains true in the hearts of its followers.