We are living in a time where we are being called to simplify, live by our values and become truly authentic- not some ‘marketing’ version of authentic. Meaning to step fully into who we are, what we value, what we take a stand for and then truly have an impact on the world.

I have been publishing magazine since 2003. I founded Profile Magazine in 2008 and after a 5-year hiatus bought it back. You could say magazines are an addiction for me!

Yet the changes in recent weeks has made me go back to basics even more. It’s made me reassess every minute I spend with my family and away from them working. It needs to have meaning. It needs to create a legacy. I realised that at some level, publishing magazines had an ‘ego’ attachment for me.

I mean who doesn’t want to say ‘Oh I’m a magazine publisher’… admittedly I’ve always loved the response I get. Yes, my main focus has been to highlight incredible people worth profiling – and it’s been an incredible pleasure seeing the profound impact of that. Yet something has now changed for me.

I’m no longer available for the hours and hours of work required to run a magazine AND to be very honest there’s just not enough profit in it to make it a viable business anymore. Because I am so clear on what I stand for – and that is women owning their worth, being paid for the impact they contribute to the world … Profile Magazine just does not make sense anymore to me.

It simply does not align with my values, what I teach or what I take a stand for. So with that, I am officially announcing Profile Magazine will be gently put to bed. In her place, we will create this environment here to show you how to take a stand for yourself, how to build a thriving business no matter what the climate and to inspire you to seek truth, beauty and impact in all you do.

It’s what I have been doing since 2014 and will continue that legacy here.

Thank you to the incredible people we have profiled over the past 12 years, the teams that have worked for us and all our readers. I love you, appreciate you and thank you. It’s time to reinvent.