I was a middle-class girl from the burbs and wealth was something for the elite. Those ‘rich bastards’ who were clearly awful, greedy people because they had money.⁠

Sound familiar?⁠

I never associated myself with money, in fact, I actively disassociated myself from money for most of my adult life as I carried a subconscious belief that to have money meant you had to be greedy and as us Aussies would say “up yourself”. 😂

Over the years I have had a love/ hate relationship with money – it came… it went. Like a swinging barn door, it also hit my on the arse on the way out.⁠

I am now making beautiful money helping incredible people get paid to be the highest version of themselves. For a girl from the burbs, I surpassed any dreams I ever had for myself. And now mix that with a loving family and a truly freedom-based business and life I am so grateful for what I have been able to to create… and even more grateful for the beliefs I have let go around money.⁠

So if this post triggers you about your own money story, know there is hope, know there is the YOU that can be paid for being who you truly are.⁠

If a girl from the burbs can do it, so can you. Hit me up on DM and let me know if you are ready to shed your money beliefs and get paid to be you. xx⁠